Italian Street Art

Italian Street Art

Italy Street Art is Amazing!

I love walking thru the towns of Italy and seeing it as a Scavenger Hunt. Every corner might reveal itself to be a street artists masterpiece; or just a quick reminder to have fun, share the love and don’t take life too seriously.

The need to express themselves to share with the world just to make us happy!

I love that they bring this art to the masses on the corners.  Graffiti or art? Like Banksy, these unknown artists give me joy when I find them on a corner.  Not expecting to find them or now, on a hunt to go find them, I love when I have success!

#OIOIII #BLUB are two of my favorite Italian street artists.  I have no idea who they are, (I will find them one day!) but I love sharing them with you.  Come with me, and Imagine Travel Tours and go on an Italian Street Art hunt with me.  We love sharing our adventures on our Luxury, Custom tours with YOU.

Top 5 Things To See in Italy

Top 5 Things To See in Italy

10830712_10204337884961342_3898451562199085688_o1511974_10205420337816931_5631157130022342886_o10460580_10205420602183540_8202122239943591235_o 1.  Tuscany of course!  it REALLY is as pretty as the pictures and sometimes even more. The colors are crazy gorgeous.  My Favorites are Assisi, Cortona, Sienna.

2.  Rome if you have never been.   Its crazy and busy and crowded and there is SO much to see it takes at least a week and really 10 days or more. 10714174_10205449406423628_763545874214255085_o10845661_10205449389223198_3261126770416417379_o

3.  Vatican City, Yes its in Rome but its Not Rome!  Vatican City is its own city and the Vatican and the Chapel are crazy cool and a MUST do. 10855124_10205470798398414_533276455828262746_o10557045_10205434902781046_8810559633558960713_o10479856_10205434907341160_1836562481666127882_o

4.  Venice.  Go quick it Really is sinking!  and its gorgeous and wonderful. Venice-Italy-1-Wallpaper-HD Venice-Italy-2 Venice-Italy

5.  Amalfi Coast:  We haven’t made it yet and its a must do BUT does need to be done non winter months as I’m afraid all will be shut down.   Best to hit this May or Sept for the shoulder months.  Love to take a boatfrom Rome vs the crazy curvy road trip. i_1

PS:   Yes that main photo is of Florence and No I didn’t put it on top 5.  For me, I like it a lot,  but not top 5 -but its a must do as well.  the amount of leather shops is OVER whelming. and yes the brown leather coat you see in a lot of my photos is my coat from Florence 🙂  soft as butter! 10542853_10205514289365661_4784827085183473235_o

Where’s David??   Not Where’s Waldo But Equally Hard to Find!

Where’s David?? Not Where’s Waldo But Equally Hard to Find!

We found David!  I had been to Florence once before and could Not find David! Seriously, he is not just hanging out easy to find.  Down a winding small street and not marked very well is the museum that David now resides. He is no longer in his original outdoor spot but in a museum that is hard to find and you need to know where you are going but we were victorious this time!  and Wow Wow Wow is about all you can10835332_10205546635374291_6029557776208988778_o 10856508_10205546634894279_5583737898818080048_o say.  Enormous tall and details in the marble make you feel he’s going to start talking and breathing. He is beautiful and worth the search10873408_10205546634374266_2592065138822592893_o 10655438_10205546636494319_8816809991621175768_o 10710432_10205546636134310_1166047582266489359_o 10749990_10205546636814327_811256748025844222_o 1417540_10205546637734350_8068293225683177998_o .

Rome, Circus Maximus

Rome, Circus Maximus

1501111_10205480908411158_5527758516073376511_o 10857140_10205480878170402_7115593522201770147_o

Circus Maximus, we’ve all seen the movie, Ben Hur and watched Charleton Heston race around the track.  When you yourself get to walk down that exact same soil, you can feel the thunder under your feet!

And then as a Huge surprise, we got gifted with Real horses thundering down the track.  My body and brain screamed to be let on a horse so I could really feel the thunder under my body.   Alas, I don’t yet know Italian, nor do I know who or why these people were allowed to do this wonderful Sunny Sunday horse day?  I was SO jealous and so thrilled at the same time!

We never did find out who or why they were there and we asked and googled a lot with no headlines of any sort.  One day however, I will get my Ben Hur day! one can hope right?