Italy Street Art is Amazing!

I love walking thru the towns of Italy and seeing it as a Scavenger Hunt. Every corner might reveal itself to be a street artists masterpiece; or just a quick reminder to have fun, share the love and don’t take life too seriously.

The need to express themselves to share with the world just to make us happy!

I love that they bring this art to the masses on the corners.  Graffiti or art? Like Banksy, these unknown artists give me joy when I find them on a corner.  Not expecting to find them or now, on a hunt to go find them, I love when I have success!

#OIOIII #BLUB are two of my favorite Italian street artists.  I have no idea who they are, (I will find them one day!) but I love sharing them with you.  Come with me, and Imagine Travel Tours and go on an Italian Street Art hunt with me.  We love sharing our adventures on our Luxury, Custom tours with YOU.