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Imagine Travel Tours is excited to partner with Antique Diva & Co!  Offering Diva customers bespoke, luxury tour services designed to simplify and enhance your European buying trip.

Imagine Travel Tours is a custom luxury European Tour company, based in France and California.  We are now combining Antique Diva’s specialized knowledge and unique access to the antique markets and ITT’s intimate knowledge of travel experiences.  We are curating trips that harken back to the old world Europe travel, where someone else does all the work for you, designed to bring out the Diva in all of us!    Luxury, White glove service.

Book your flights and Imagine Travel Tours handles everything else.


Combine your Antique buying trip with something a little extra.

In this new era of travel, why not stay awhile longer and enjoy more of what Europe has to offer.  Antique Diva will handle your antique buying experience and Imagine Travel Tours will ensure coordination of all the details beginning with personalized airport pick up to preselected special accommodations.

Enrich your trip with add on experiences like an in home chefs, side tours to small town brocantes and lesser known country weekend antique fairs and specialty shops. 

Discover new opportunities in Normandy, Brittany, Loire Valley, Lyon and more.  Slow down after the fast and furious market buying and continue your business mixed with the pleasure of slower travel and buying.   We offer our onsite accompanied service,  so you can relax and focus on your business and fun.  Imagine No train, hotel or car rental details required, we do all the work so you don’t have to.

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