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Darren and Darla Dressler have been traveling Europe for the last 7 years seeking out fabulous adventures and exciting places.  During this period we transitioned from being luxury travellers ourselves to providing small group luxury tours and sharing our amazing experiences

We love to provide the perfect European holiday by customizing the trip for you to meet and exceed all of your expectations.  We offer accompanied travel as your guides.  This allows you and your group to focus on the experience and build incredible lasting memories of some of the most loved places on Earth.  We help by eliminating most of the common travel pitfalls and providing a high level of on hand service and experience you will not find at many other companies.

Below you will find some blogs we have written about some of our travels over the last 6years.  We invite you to get to know us better through this medium and we would love to hear your feedback if something strikes you.

Blog List

Italy’s Easter, Buona Pasqua

Buona Pasqua   Hoppy Easter in Italy! This is our first time to be in Italy for the Easter holiday, which is the second biggest holiday in Italy (after Christmas of course).  It’s a huge holiday for the Italians and families all plan a big weekend together. Being in...

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Italian Street Art

Italy Street Art is Amazing! I love walking thru the towns of Italy and seeing it as a Scavenger Hunt. Every corner might reveal itself to be a street artists masterpiece; or just a quick reminder to have fun, share the love and don't take life too seriously. The need...

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Crazy Night of fireworks in Paris

Wow what a wild night!  We decided to venture out for what we believed and turned out to be, one of the greatest fireworks shows on earth.  We planned the spot arrived hours early and prepared ourselves for camping out, French style: sipping Champagne...

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How Many Have You Been Saying Wrong?

The correct way to pronounce 9 French brand names you've been saying all wrong Veuve Clicquot Who hasn't had one of those slightly embarrassing "seen-it-but-never-said-it" moments with a high-profile foreign brand?Especially with a French brand. Brands hailing...

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The Germans think of everything!!

No chance of a tropical storm here. Incredible pictures show luxury resort complete with sandy beaches, palm trees and clear blue water inside enormous German hangar surrounded by snow. With sandy beaches, clear blue water and palm trees, this looks like a spectacular...

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Market lessons in Paris

Wow, What a great article, I learned a lot and thought you might enjoy it too!  This is what we hope to do in the future, taking people on Tours.  Would you want to come be our guests and have us be your tour guides?  Three-day trip to Paris includes shopping,...

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Top 5 Things About Scotland

There are so many amazing sites and things about Scotland.  We tried to narrow it down to 5 that summed up the feeling.  Everyone should visit at least once in their life.  The Land and it's beauty.  It felt like we really experienced most of all Scotland has to offer...

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Bella’s Travels

Welcome to our new blog! This is our first attempt into the world of blogging so bear with us and love to know feedback. You are all invited to search the archives and categories as we are sharing our stories, both good and bad in an effort to keep a record...

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Arriving by sea to an incredibly beautiful sun drenched rural landscape was not how I had envisioned landing in Scotland.  I had pictured beauty, yes, but not the type that evoked such feelings of welcome and warmth.  We drove off the ferry into a picture book come to...

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Our August/Sept house sit is a gorgeous house in the small village of Henley-On-Thames that is 45 min North of London.  A boating community on the River Thames, close to Windsor Castle. And the house sit comes with the great Westie, Bella's new boyfriend to be.  How...

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Top 5 Things to Do in Wales

1.  Castles Castles Castles and more Castles.  Wales has more castles than any other country I think!  From fully refurbished and decorated to just the outline of what once was, they seem to be down every long road and well worth the hunt for them, we made it into a...

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