We found David!  I had been to Florence once before and could Not find David! Seriously, he is not just hanging out easy to find.  Down a winding small street and not marked very well is the museum that David now resides. He is no longer in his original outdoor spot but in a museum that is hard to find and you need to know where you are going but we were victorious this time!  and Wow Wow Wow is about all you can10835332_10205546635374291_6029557776208988778_o 10856508_10205546634894279_5583737898818080048_o say.  Enormous tall and details in the marble make you feel he’s going to start talking and breathing. He is beautiful and worth the search10873408_10205546634374266_2592065138822592893_o 10655438_10205546636494319_8816809991621175768_o 10710432_10205546636134310_1166047582266489359_o 10749990_10205546636814327_811256748025844222_o 1417540_10205546637734350_8068293225683177998_o .