10830712_10204337884961342_3898451562199085688_o1511974_10205420337816931_5631157130022342886_o10460580_10205420602183540_8202122239943591235_o 1.  Tuscany of course!  it REALLY is as pretty as the pictures and sometimes even more. The colors are crazy gorgeous.  My Favorites are Assisi, Cortona, Sienna.

2.  Rome if you have never been.   Its crazy and busy and crowded and there is SO much to see it takes at least a week and really 10 days or more. 10714174_10205449406423628_763545874214255085_o10845661_10205449389223198_3261126770416417379_o

3.  Vatican City, Yes its in Rome but its Not Rome!  Vatican City is its own city and the Vatican and the Chapel are crazy cool and a MUST do. 10855124_10205470798398414_533276455828262746_o10557045_10205434902781046_8810559633558960713_o10479856_10205434907341160_1836562481666127882_o

4.  Venice.  Go quick it Really is sinking!  and its gorgeous and wonderful. Venice-Italy-1-Wallpaper-HD Venice-Italy-2 Venice-Italy

5.  Amalfi Coast:  We haven’t made it yet and its a must do BUT does need to be done non winter months as I’m afraid all will be shut down.   Best to hit this May or Sept for the shoulder months.  Love to take a boatfrom Rome vs the crazy curvy road trip. i_1

PS:   Yes that main photo is of Florence and No I didn’t put it on top 5.  For me, I like it a lot,  but not top 5 -but its a must do as well.  the amount of leather shops is OVER whelming. and yes the brown leather coat you see in a lot of my photos is my coat from Florence 🙂  soft as butter! 10542853_10205514289365661_4784827085183473235_o