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Darren and Darla Dressler have been traveling Europe for the last 6 years seeking out fabulous adventures and exciting places.  During this period we transitioned from being luxury travellers ourselves to providing small group luxury tours and sharing our amazing experiences

We love to provide the perfect European holiday by customizing the trip for you to meet and exceed all of your expectations.  We offer accompanied travel as your guides.  This allows you and your group to focus on the experience and build incredible lasting memories of some of the most loved places on Earth.  We help by eliminating most of the common travel pitfalls and providing a high level of on hand service and experience you will not find at many other companies.

Below you will find some blogs we have written about some of our travels over the last 6years.  We invite you to get to know us better through this medium and we would love to hear your feedback if something strikes you.

Blog List

Top 5 Things In Ireland

1. Irish Coast Bar None, Gorgeous! The Glens: GlenArm, Glenariff, Carnlough, BallyGally (my favorite town name!)  The Valley of the Antrim area and Glenariff Forest Park rolls down to the ocean to these cute cute harbor towns. GORGEOUS stunning hillsides...

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How To Travel and Stay for FREE?

House Sitting, a fairly newer if not even known concept for Americans but a Big deal and quite normal for Australians where the concept seems to have originated based on activity and websites I've read. Usually House Sitting is a NON paid, (although sometimes you can...

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My Experience Racing on The Eleonora

Incredibly fun time sailing and racing on the Eleonora for the Westward Cup 2015! [wpvideo ZnC3lsMT] Wow what a Yacht.  Huge challenge for me as I am much more accustomed to 50' and less.  Everything is much larger and almost surreal because of the dimensions.  You go...

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The Joy of English Cooking!

No surprise, you've heard all the stereo type about English food:  its bland, its fried, its well, Its English! The UK really is trying to shake that stereo type and there are great chefs and gourmet restaurants and a food awakening in jolly old England, And in some...

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Its just laundry right?

Wrong!  Laundry in UK/Europe isn't like America at all. Everything is different. #1 is Most households do NOT have a dryer and if you are under 55, none of us know what life is like without a standard washer/dryer in America!  Ok, so maybe if you grew up or live in...

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Top 5 Things To See in Italy

1.  Tuscany of course!  it REALLY is as pretty as the pictures and sometimes even more. The colors are crazy gorgeous.  My Favorites are Assisi, Cortona, Sienna. 2.  Rome if you have never been.   Its crazy and busy and crowded and there is SO much to see it takes at...

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Top 5 Things To Do in England

1.  London of course!  It really is a GREAT city, Love it!  You need at least 5 days and that is going all day every day to take it all in:  Big Ben, House of Parliament, London Bridge, the Tower, China Town, Buckingham Palace, British Museum and just simply walking...

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Scotland Here We Come Finally!

  Scotland here we Finally come.  Our next destination for July/August.   Darla has dreamed of Scotland for years, the land of both our heritage. (and hot men in skirts!) Darren and I have been on Ancestry.com for quite some time and tracked our family trees back...

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Having a Bath in Bath!

Bath, in SouthWest - Somerset , Bath, England is Gorgeous. Never seen a more consistant Architectural town than Bath with its Gorgeous 18th century Georgian buildings. Wow very nice. Centuries of Romans and Noblemen and ladies, have take the "waters" of Bath.  After a...

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