Great Question!  I was asked recently by a friend planning a trip to the Med, what is the best way to stay connected?  I have tried all the different methods of staying connected for both data and Voice.  There are many choices and ways to go about it when traveling and will vary based on the individual and their needs.

Traveling short term the best bet is to make sure your current plan has international roaming and a set price plan for the voice and some basic amount of data.  Then turn off your cellular data roaming.  Then use wifi strictly for data.  Once you get to this side of the pond you will find that everyone has free wifi unlike the states.

If on the other hand you are going to spend some time traveling then the far better choice is to simple get a pay as you go sim from one of the many providers.  I currently use EE in the UK.  I get 10 gigs and unlimited calls and texts for 29 pounds a month.  Way cheaper than the US!

Remember to turn off the cellular data and make great use of all the available wifi spots!  Be mindful because everything you do except call a phone number uses data now days.

There are a large number of communication APPS you can use to make calls, text and video calls over the internet for free and I will address them in another article soon.

If you have more questions you can always send them to me @ [email protected]