Looking back at our original posts we had such hopes and dreams of being in Europe in 2013; well that plan got delayed. Don’t you love when you Think you Know what is going to happen and it goes totally different?

Well in this case the house did Not sell like we thought right away.  Well it did, in that we got an offer, opened escrow and buyer backed out.  We never got another offer and finally pulled the house off the market 🙁   Took a break from all the house showings and making the house perfect and had to take a mental break.

Instead we decided to explore America since we couldn’t get to Europe, so ROAD TRIP here we come……wooohoo.


Oklahoma was the final destination But with a lot thrown in:  Vegas, Zion National park, Four Corners, New Mexico, Colorado and parts unknown.  We road trip’d down the Great Route 66 part of the time and saw the craziest things on purpose and some as total surprises.  Thanksgiving in Durango, Colorado was Gorgeous; Christmas time in Santa Fe and Taos NM was awesome.  Mind numbing highways of brown dirt/mesas led to crazy singing and driving on the Real live but hugely abandoned Route 66 in some places.

IMG_1240 IMG_1373 IMG_1337 IMG_1417

IMG_1390 IMG_1450 IMG_1300

It was tons of fun, seedy motels as we had no itinerary or dates and therefore no reservations, crazy food eaten and Bella Rocked it all the way.  Rolled into my college town of Norman Oklahoma – GO SOONERS GO BIG RED and had a great time hanging with family.  On to mom and dads house for the GREAT CHRISTMAS ICE FREEZE of 2013!!!!  HOLEY COW I might have been born in Oklahoma but this girl has been in California for 20yrs and I don’t LIKE cold!  However, I did like finally be in Tulsa for the holidays with family as it had been YEARS.IMG_1588

All wasn’t fun and games and food, we also stayed and built mom and dad a brand new Master Bath in 9 degree temps!! Although it turned out fabulous I might say, we won’t be doing that ever again in December.

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