Traveling and staying in other people’s home for free; sounds Great right?


Well it is-  But there are some challenges such as trying to cook dinner in a kitchen you don’t know where everything is and everything is different.  Simple things like a really good knife are not always found in other’s home.  And most/all kitchens don’t look like this one!

More like this one in Europe:


Rice cookers and toaster ovens are more random but two items that are really important to me when cooking and have yet to find them in anyone else’s kitchen in Europe.  simple enough just buy your own right? well yes and no. First off they are expensive and you only have so much space in the car but some things are a must.

For us, its the rice cooker and the good knives so purchasing was required.  There are just some things that make life easier and if you cook, knives are the biggy.  As you cannot fly on a plane with these in the luggage that is something that must be purchased once you get wherever you are going.