We are about to start the second half of our life with a BIG adventure of becoming Flex Pats living in Europe as American’s!  Europeans think nothing of “hey lets move to the U.S” and yet very few American’s think, (except for backpacking college kids), I want to move to Europe and learn/live a different way.

Well Darren and Darla have talked about this for YEARS and now we are finally going to go for it.  We have an advantage of moving there and being able to work in two ways:  Darren is a British citizen due to his father and grandparents being born in England, making him an automatic UK citizen.  We have worked on finding about all of this for years, and finally secured his UK passport 3 yrs ago and still have not used it! Well now is the day and we are on the beginning of our adventure.

IMG_2387We are selling our house in Carlsbad as Major Step 1.  So wish us luck as we will be listing it this week.  We’ve been prepping, upgrading, beautifying for a few weeks and this is the week to go live on the realtor MLS.  Wondering how long it will take and whom will love our house as much as we do?

We joined a UK online tutorial group of a married couple in London who have traveled and worked abroad for 6yrs.  They are hopefully going to share and teach us the pitfalls, pros and cons of how to do all of this, and how to work and travel as well.

Our first adventure travel, is we are going to England for 10 days this Fall/Sept/October to check it out and work on getting our credentials for living in England first. Setting up bank accounts, getting their version of Social Security #s etc etc.  and identifying WHERE in England do we want to become our home base for a minute.

But first things first, and that is selling this house, selling our cars, and most all our furniture and possessions as I don’t want to lug anything across the pond.  we will start anew.  So if you know anyone that wants a beautiful ocean view house in Carlsbad CA and furniture to go with it? just drop me a line!