Living the DREAM, living abroad;  how exciting, wonderful, fabulous, and its ALL the time right?

Well not exactly and not always;  And, its ok to admit it to yourself and go ahead and have a bad day.  Because sometimes it just is a bad day no matter where you are.

Sad Tourist

Missing family, weddings, showers, birthdays.  Missing just “normal” things like Whole Foods, sunsets, BBQs, your own bed, your STUFF – it will happen. It does happen!  Those “things”,  sometimes just make your day feel like you can’t take it abroad any longer.  In my world I call it my 10th day

Whenever we traveled on holiday, before we moved;  it always seemed I cracked on day 10.   Meaning, I had a  melt down of frustration or crying, because I just wanted to be home in my bed, my house, with my things.   I was tired of not speaking the language, my feet hurt from all the walking, tired of the food being weird, taxi drivers being rude, or,  who knows what IT was but on day 10, I always seemed to melt down.

Once we ID’d that as a known fact, We knew to always fly home on Day 10.   But NOW?  Now,  we live here and you know what, I had Day 10, it was just a bad day and I had to just let myself do it.   Let myself Know, hey its Day 10,  but its ok.

Get whatever makes you happy, makes you have comfort:  a cup of hot Jo or tea or great glass of wine and just stay home, even if home is a hotel room.  Don’t shower, don’t get dressed, just stay there and watch tv all day and surf the web.  It WILL pass and then you are back to your adventurous self once again, ready to get going and see new sights.

You are going to feel like a fool complaining about a bad day as a world traveler to your family and friends;  boohoo poor you in the middle of Rome feeling Blue!   Tell me a sob story right?   Well, yes, there are reasons why traveling can make you have bad days even when you are surrounded by wondrous beauty, history and sights.   #1 thing I can suggest- is Its ok to let yourself feel it.

Just live it, deal with it and then let it go and get back to the FUN you dreamed of and are Now living.  Let Day 10 happen, and then go kick ass sight seeing on Day 11 🙂

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