Sun came out so we did too, ha ha! Port Eynon for mussels and traditional Welsh Cawl(soup). Pretty place off the beaten path.

Winding roads to get there and Amazing amounts of locals camping out for a 3 day holiday weekend (which is quite frequent in the UK).  Not a lot to do other than beach.  This is for sand pales and sun bathing with a few restaurants thrown in and clean beach bathrooms nothing much else.  But it was fun and sunny.

Previously however, this area was quite the hot bed of activity with “supposed” smuggler/pirate caves dug under the town under to the sea for quick get aways.  WW2 this was a well hidden secret of shipping soldiers to practice storming the beaches before D-Day and Normandy.  Not many photos and history as it was all kept very top secret.

Like all of Wales, HUGE tidal shifts from low to high, so before you head off, check the tide charts or you may find it way way out like we did which is great for beach combing.