11270492_10205540837634407_5374144839545618482_o11224563_10205540880435477_7939926104678096255_o10861042_10205540861635007_3894529585462989289_o10397040_10205540839594456_520537319839199093_o11270492_10205540837634407_5374144839545618482_o11219488_10205563788888174_6917594149634330725_o11053264_10205571165432583_6760235716583176191_oIMG_4634 Our last castle for the day but we saw a total of 8-9, we lost count all in one day!  Other than Scotland, I am thinking Wales has the most castles anywhere!  If the google search is correct, Wales is THE capital of castles in all of Europe with 600.  So I guess we didn’t even begin to see them all!

Its good to plan your trip with the most famous/largest but along the way to those,  be on the look out for the road markers that say Castle and be prepared to stop on a turn and find ones that don’t rank for the maps!    What a great day of finding all we could but we missed quite a few too! ( 591!)11053264_10205571165432583_6760235716583176191_o10861127_10205540842114519_3779102957717977307_o