dsc_9627Wrong!  Laundry in UK/Europe isn’t like America at all. Everything is different.

#1 is Most households do NOT have a dryer and if you are under 55, none of us know what life is like without a standard washer/dryer in America!  Ok, so maybe if you grew up or live in Manhattan, you know European styled laundry- maybe.

But where I come from, washer/dryer is a MUST and have always had since University days. No coin ops for me please.

So you get to the UK or Europe and you are in a house, you will find a small, on the floor waist high, (usually in the kitchen!) washer No dryer. Or, in some cases, the washer IS the dryer!  As strange/funny as it sounds, and as you probably guessed, No they don’t work worth a damn!  (you run the washer load, then click over to the dryer load never removing the laundry)

Be prepared, you will either have a clothes line outside or inside or not at all and you just hang things on the back of chairs.

You ask, why do they not have a dryer? Well I’ve been asking and get kind of a blank stare from people! the standard answer is the electricity bills here are so high no one can/wants to afford a dryer cycle for their electric bill.   I’m all for being frugal and saving money BUT I am not for having sand paper rock hard towels to dry off after a nice hot shower!

When we finally settle down and have a flat or a house, we Will have a dryer trust me!