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Darren and Darla Dressler have been traveling Europe for the last 5 years seeking out fabulous adventures and exciting places.  We have visited and made excellent contacts throughout the continent.  During this period we transitioned from simply being luxury travellers to providing advice, travel itinearies and guided small group luxury experiences.

We have now partnered with a Experienced Travel Agency of 25 years based in California, to provide top shelf service for our clients.  By creating this alliance we are able to provide an even higher level of customer satisfaction by offering flights, cruises and  vacations.  Additionally, we can now provide travel insurance directly to our clients adding complete peace of mind.

We love to plan the perfect European experience with you by customizing the trip with us to exceed all of your expectations.  We travel with you as your guides.  Allowing you and your group to focus on the experience and build incredible lasting memories of some of the most loved places on Earth.  We help by eliminating most of the common travel pitfalls and providing a high level of on hand service and experience you will not find at many other companies.

**We will still be  providing our special brand of exclusive travel experiences with us for our clients become friends to Tuscany and France in the autumn.

Below you will find some blogs we have written about some of our travels over the last 5 years.  We invite you to get to know us better through this medium and we would love to hear your feedback if something strikes you.

Blog List

Lands End- Rhossilli Bay in Gower

Sand dunes, surfers and campers. Huge stretch of beach at the end of the peninsula opposite Swansea, Wales. Voted #1 Beach in UK for several years but Beware, tiny one lane roads to get there so drive careful!   Met a self proclaimed "hippy" surfer named Cosmic (Jeff)...

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Hanging With the Welsh Coastal Locals!

Sun came out so we did too, ha ha! Port Eynon for mussels and traditional Welsh Cawl(soup). Pretty place off the beaten path. Winding roads to get there and Amazing amounts of locals camping out for a 3 day holiday weekend (which is quite frequent in the UK).  Not a...

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Bella’s Story: the MIRACLE Dog!

Cat's aren't the only ones with 9 lives, as Bellas has proven over and over, she too has them. Bella was the healthiest, fastest dog on the beach, great White Hunter until tragedy struck and she was picked up in our backyard, in suburbia San Diego, by an owl.  It...

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How Do You Bring a Dog To Europe/UK?

Not Easily, that's how, but it obviously can be done!  First of all it depends on where you are coming from? and where you are headed to? in this case of course, From the USA to the UK.  The UK has the strictest rules vs Europe, so it would be actually easier to go to...

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Bella’s Coming With Us!

Bella has decided to get her passport and travel with us.  This creates an entirely different set of circumstances that allow us to learn a plethora of new things.   We tried coming alone in October and we missed her terribly, so this time we made the HUGE decision to...

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Rome, Circus Maximus

Circus Maximus, we've all seen the movie, Ben Hur and watched Charleton Heston race around the track.  When you yourself get to walk down that exact same soil, you can feel the thunder under your feet! And then as a Huge surprise, we got gifted with Real horses...

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Marne Valley, France

We just arrived in Champagne France and the Marne Valley, for our first European house sit and the beginning of our life abroad.  Its so appropriate that we would start our journey in Darla's favorite thing/place on earth--Champagne! Just down the road from where we...

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