Incredible Trip!
It’s hard to IMAGINE that we will TRAVEL or take any future TOURS with out utilizing the guidance of Darren and Darla Dressler. They are a fantastic couple who commit themselves to your tour and arrange a breath taking travel adventour (pun Intended). Planning our trip with 2 other couples, we were able to provide them with our list of wants, needs, and desires with regard to what we would like to do and see on the trip. They expertly counseled us to a final itinerary which also included unique, off the beaten path and sights which they have acquired local knowledge of through extensive research travel. This firsthand knowledge of the area made our trip even more enjoyable as we explored Italy not only as tourist but also as locals. Darren and Darla enabled us to have a trip of a lifetime without the worries and stress traveling abroad.

Thank you Darren and Darla (Imagine Travel Tours) for this fantastic journey. We are looking forward to our next Imagine Travel Tour adventure.