We invite you to join us in Florence, one of Italy’s most vibrant and luxurious cities, where the splendor of the past aligns with the tastes of the present. It was here that the Renaissance (or “rebirth” of classical art and architecture) originated, and where the most important artists and architects of the day — Donatello, Brunelleschi, and Michelangelo, among others — transformed the course of Western art.  These noble Renaissance artists were once the avant-garde of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, and their thread of ingenuity, innovation, and discovery is woven throughout the tapestry of historic and modern Florence.  Today, world-class chefs transform Italian cuisine through a Renaissance of their own as they re-interpret traditional classics with unmatched passion and boldness, while local fashion powerhouses seek to replace fleeting trends with enduring elements of elegance and refinement.  Saturate yourself in art, history, and the enchantment of one of the most dynamic cities in Europe with the exclusive authenticity that is the Curated trademark.  As always, clients enjoy stylish five-star accommodation, culinary adventures, engaging guiding at every site, and the privileged, behind-the-scenes access that only Curated Touring can offer. 

Museums abound in Florence and our tour includes guided visits to some of the most important cultural sites in the city, including behind-the-scenes access to areas typically restricted to the public.  Guests will have the unique and privileged opportunity to view Italy’s most esteemed art collections via privately guided visits outside normal visiting hours.   A day trip to Siena will allow us to explore the Tuscan countryside and the countless hilly panoramas of this charming medieval town.  Our tours are limited to 20 travelers or fewer, allowing for both personal attention and dynamic group interactions.  Your guides, Meagan Green Labunski and Matt Woodworth, are former university professors and award-winning art historians with Ph.D.s. As always, guiding is dynamic, lively, and fun, guaranteed to engage and entertain both the lay novice and the seasoned connoisseur. In addition to the group itinerary, guests will have multiple opportunities for individual, personalized exploration of their own special interests, either with or without a guide.  Our “Choose Your Own Adventure” option allows each guest the freedom to customize their journey.  We can arrange and escort you on further adventures in art, history, or gastronomy, or guests can take the time to simply relax, wander, or shop on their own.  

Florentines are as fervent about their food as they are about their art, and clients will have ample opportunities to sample the culinary delights for which the city is famed. Dining has been carefully chosen to showcase the subtle sophistication and delectable balance of tradition and invention that defines Florentine fare.  Patrons will embark on a walking tour of the city’s most celebrated mercati for tastings of the finest olive oil, cheese, charcuterie and wine in Tuscany, as well as journey to a prominent vineyard to indulge in some of the region’s most revered varietals.  Fellow travelers will mingle at a private cocktail reception on a terrace with a close-up view of the magnificent cathedral of Florence; bespoke cocktails, effervescent prosecco, and traditional antipasti will be served alongside one the most famous domes in the world. Every day and every meal of La Dolce Vita promises new elements of discovery and adventure.

 Guests will enjoy the sophistication of their five-star luxury accommodations in Piazza della Repubblica next to the iconic Duomo that blend old-world elegance with modern comfort, amenities, and gracious service.  

Come with us to see firsthand how Curated Touring has redefined and personalized small group travel. We have set a new standard with a handcrafted itinerary that is original, imaginative, perfectly paced, and expertly guided.  Luxury Florence will enchant both the first-time visitor to this magical city and the seasoned traveler yearning for a more discerning and immersive experience.  

In the 15th century, Florence was the cultural capital of the Western world. Let Curated Touring show you its 21st-century legacy.