Top 5 Things to Do in Wales

Top 5 Things to Do in Wales

1.  Castles Castles Castles and more Castles.  Wales has more castles than any other country I think!  From fully refurbished and decorated to just the outline of what once was, they seem to be down every long road and well worth the hunt for them, we made it into a game to see how many signs we could find.  Being there takes you so far back into time you can almost hear the trumpets and footfalls.  The heraldry accompanied by the clang and click of metal everywhere.  We were thankful that we could not smell what it was truly like but what a romantic place viewed from the future.  Some of these castle under went huge battles and sieges.  Pembroke Castle is a great example and well worth the visit!

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2.  Beaches and Gorgeous countrysides – Great beaches with the most incredible low tides ever.  Miles of low tide make for great beach walking and countrysides with color that is hard to believe.  The land is still mostly owned by Barons but many years ago an agreement was reached between the commoners and the lords that the lands would be open to passage and grazing so it tends to stay lovely and usable by all.  Really cool idea.  If it was in America it would have long since been subdivided and turned into suburbia and shopping malls!


3.  St. David’s Cathedral, A beautiful drive out to the westward point in Wales but amazingly quaint town and then Holy Wow!  They built this abbey down in a valley so the Vikings could not see it to plunder from the Sea, it’s that old!!  Really incredible architecture and the ceilings and floors are still intact and it it still in service.  Don’t forget to go to the artifact room where they have some of the original saxon staffs and a timeline that goes back to 500ad.  That is only 150 or so years after the Bible was written!

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4.  Great old pubs with historical charm, grabbing a pint and getting to feel history.  Wondering how many others have come thru the doors and sat at the same fireplace 100s of years before.  History and Ale!  Naught more need be said!

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5.  The Abbey in Wye Valley and Dylan Thomas Boathouse Regions.  Both tranquil and beautiful.  Really wonderful places to visit and walk.

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