via J.P. Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race – Press images 2015.

Wow, that was truly amazing!  I hope to get lots of pix from the professional photographer they had on board as I was busy grinding out the tacks and helping to set and retrieve sails etc, big grin!  Truly a once in a lifetime experience.  I met some wonderful people including Pierre Marie, a frenchman living in San Diego and a very talented sailor, from whom I was delighted to take direction from.  Also unexpectedly the owners of Stars and Stripes 11 based in San Diego Bea and Lynn Hanna were on board crewing as well.  I felt right at home ha ha.  Everyone was very supportive and knowledgeable. We blew out a spinnaker on the backside of the island and we all jumped too and handled it and sent another balloon aloft and hardly missed a beat.  No panic at all when the sound of a sail exploding overhead went off.
This trip really renewed the peace I feel with the sea.  The water really is a deep part of both Darla and I.  Speaking of Darla did you see the cute outfit she met me with on the dock!  Smokin’