In reality I haven’t Truly driven in the UK, Darren has but not me, I’m too damn scared!

Forget the steering wheel on the right hand side and driving on the left hand side! that I can probably get figured out and get over.

What scares me to Death is the scariest, tiniest roads on the planet earth! Literally, *(like all of Europe) these are One lane streets, that in reality were really one horse cart or one horse paths, now covered in asphalt and meant to drive cars and Lorries (that’s truck in British!) and wait, drum roll, side by side meaning one in each direction!!!!

Two lane roads, one going each direction, where it was Really meant for one horse buggy not a car with side mirrors!   Then they say, hey why not, lets make it two ways!  Not a one way road with just one car but two directions AND drum roll again……..And, the locals park on the street as there are no garages or driveways! Now its a 3 lane road!!!!

Buses and double decker ones at that, with large delivery trucks,  ALL go thru at 50-60 miles an hour. Lord help me, its white knuckles Daily to get in a car and go somewhere.

Ok now that I’ve done another one of my rants, I will add this:    the English and the Europeans are the best damn drivers and make Americans look like babies!  They drive doing all of the above and rarely are there wrecks. The best of them? –the crazy tour bus drivers, they drive those HUGE Rock Star buses thru these streets, turning in hair pin turns that a pony would have trouble carrying a rider, and never nick the side of a building or their bumper.    Even though they make me faint and or throw up with fear as they come at us in our car, they Always make it with not even a hair breath of space between us,  never hitting anyone or anything!  just amazing to watch.

I don’t know if I will EVER learn to drive here, I can drive all over California at 80+mph with crazy ”Zonie” drivers, but here, its insane.